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I'M NOT ALONE VS NEON LIGHTS: The Summer Hit Produced by an Emerging Artist

Summer is at its peak, and there's no reason for it to end in just a few days. The scorching rhythms that make you dance are within your reach, no matter where you are or what time it is. Get ready to add the latest electrifying single by an emerging artist to your summer playlist: "I'M NOT ALONE VS NEON LIGHTS". In this exclusive interview, we delve into the artist's influences, creative process, and growing journey in the world of music.


The name behind this exciting musical project is Connor Gallagher, an independent artist who grew up in the west of Scotland, in a city called Coatbridge. He will take you on a musical journey spanning generations and genres.

Beyond his undeniable affinity for Calvin Harris and Demi Lovato's vocal prowess, Gallagher's musical palette unfolds with enveloping electronic music. From the soaring melodies of Martin Garrix to the hypnotic rhythms driven by Tiesto and the innovative sounds of Don Diablo, his musical influence is diverse and enriching.

However, what sets this artist apart is his appreciation for Makina, a subgenre of Spanish techno music that has ignited a unique passion for music in him. MC Oakzy B, with his infectious lyrical flow, and MC Tiny, known for his charismatic stage presence, also became names to remember among his influences.

But the inspiration behind the unique sound of "I'M NOT ALONE VS NEON LIGHTS" was essentially the vocals: “What inspired me most about them is that the vocals and the instrumental of both tracks worked very well together. They gave off an upbeat mood for a dance track, and I thought it would be perfect for summer.”

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Forging an Electrifying Sound

The creation of "I'M NOT ALONE VS NEON LIGHTS" was a meticulous process in which every note, every beat, and every lyric was carefully selected to maintain a joyful and captivating mood. The artist's unwavering commitment to achieving perfect harmony between vocals and instruments is what drives the song's contagious energy.


Gallagher's journey is a testament to his adaptability and unwavering love for music. He has evolved into the more energetic genres of dance music, including hardstyle, rawstyle, and uptempo beats. However, his heart still beats to the rhythm of Makina, demonstrating that he never forgets his roots and continues to shape his artistic identity.

“What inspired me most about them is that the vocals and the instrumental of both tracks worked very well together. They gave off an upbeat mood for a dance track, and I thought it would be perfect for summer.”

Conveying Party Euphoria

What sets Gallagher apart is his ability to evoke powerful emotions through his music. His goal is to immerse listeners in a party mood and make them feel ready to celebrate life on the dance floor. In a world full of challenges, his music becomes a beacon of positivity and a reminder that there is always a reason to dance and be happy.

Gallagher's future is filled with exciting projects that will delight dance music enthusiasts. Get ready for more hardstyle, including electrifying sets and mind-blowing mixes.

Furthermore, the possibility of a return to the beloved Makina genre keeps the door open to musical surprises and creative adventures that transcend borders.

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I'M NOT ALONE VS NEON LIGHTS and The Musical Journey

Behind this summer single is an artist who not only creates music but also tells stories, heals emotions, and explores unique soundscapes. By adding "I'M NOT ALONE VS NEON LIGHTS" to your summer playlist, you are inviting an electrifying rhythm into your life, backed by the artist's unwavering passion.

This is a musical journey worth following as Gallagher continues to paint the world with vibrant creativity and contagious rhythms. Summer has never sounded so good. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the new music and dance?

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