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About Us

Ministry of Musics is a digital music distributor launched in 2018. Formed by Music producers.

Ministry of Musics is a full-service music & multimedia distributor and we ensure that your content will be delivered, registered, formatted, monetized and protected throughout the world.

For about 10 years we started by helping independent artists and bands distributing their music in the main stores, & publicizing their work.

Although the music market is complex and very competitive, the experience we have gained has led us to bring the best tools for you.

Ministry of Musics aims to grow and help artists and bands achieve their success.

Why ? Because we understand independent, because we are independent as well.

Our goal is to give you the tools needed to save you time and energy to be able to focus on what really matters; making music and growing your brand!


Distribute Your Music With Us Today!


Sell Your Music

We deliver music to hundreds of partners worldwide, from commercial to niche, including outlets for Ringtones.

At Ministry of Musics you can find a list of all our partner shops that you can choose  when releasing your bundle.
Ministry of Musics delivers one of the most innovative, customizable and complete music distribution packages to musicians around the world.
We supply hundreds of outlets around the world.
Ministry of Musics has established relationships and partnerships with the top online and mobile retailers, aggregators and distributors in the world.
We have direct deals. No intermediaries…more profits.

Music Distribution Includes:

  • Delivery to one of the largest networks of Digital Service Providers.

  • Freedom to choose the partners you want!

  • Choose your own release date.

  • Non-exclusive distribution, with us, you can keep your direct deals!

  • Free Account Maintenance! No annual or maintenance fees charged.

  • Free ISRC & UPC per release / track.

  •  Fast Delivery

  • Free Artist Portal


  • 80% Profits.

  • No Fixed Costs at Free Account.

  • WE do not charge you any fees for setting up your account.

  • WE do not charge fees for your music submissions.

  • Keep 80% of your publishing and rights

  • Keep 80% of your ad revenue and content ID

  • Powerful catalog manager

  • Free UPC and ISRC codes

  • Unlimited Labels,  Artists & Releases

  • Accounting tools

  • Music Licensing

  • Neighboring Rights

  • Soundcloud Monetization


  • Dedicated to all music genres.

  • Exclusive tools that help you build relationships with your fans.

  • Upload Once. Be Everywhere.

  • We’ll keep your whole catalogue safe and neatly organized.

  • Access detailed analytics by country, performance and platform. Track your sales and streams and understand your audience and data to make better strategic decisions.

  • Social Engagement.

  • We Listen your music!

  • Our revolutionary track-based architecture allows for fast and simple creation of singles, EPs, albums and compilations – all based on your existing catalog.

  • Ministry of Musics offers free, unlimited audio file and metadata backups and makes your catalog easily accessible at any time.

  • Dedicated team to help you.

Dedicated Support Team 24/7

Dedicated Support Team to help you

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