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Ministry of Musics &  WARM

Discover The Radio Airplay You Didn’t
Know You Had!

Track where your music is playing on radio stations worldwide.
Improve your promotion, marketing, royalty collection and touring strategy

Is your music playing on the radio?

WARM conducts real-time radio tracking to report on what stations are playing your song. Closing the gap between music creators and radio listeners.

From boutique stations in Japan and college radio in Canada to national radio in 130 countries, you’ll always know when and where your music is being played. Even on specialist and genre-specific radio stations.

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Fact-Check Radio Pluggers.
Or Be Your Own.

Unsigned artists often lack the funding for radio pluggers.

Our reports reveal the success of a song in particular regions, countries and genres. For up-and-comers, this makes pitching for additional slots in radio playlists much more effective.

The role of a radio plugger is to increase the number and quality of your radio plays. But it’s often hard to track their performance.

WARM provides irrefutable analytics on any song. Now artists and labels can define performance-related agreements with their radio pluggers.

See where your music is trending right now!

Rádio dos anos 90


Labels- Global listening patterns allow you to refine your marketing campaigns and enter valuable emerging markets. Discover opportunity pathways by engaging in competitor analysis within your genre.

Artists- We want you to be in control of your career. Never be mislead by the people working around you, and always be inspired by your listeners.

Managers- The design of our platform is simple and easy to consume: you get a full overview in an instant, and can select specific regions and channels. Real-time and competitor reports reveal opportunities in new markets.

Booking Agents- WARM reports are your golden ticket. Real-time geographical insights show you where to go and proof of airplays help you build the story when pitching to staff.


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