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14 €

For Each Video


Distribute Your Music Videos to VEVO with Ministry of Musics.

VEVO hosts music videos from both Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment syndicated on YouTube, with Google and VEVO sharing advertising and similar benefits.

Before you submit a music video, it is important that you understand how to properly format your audio, video, and much more. We’ve prepared this checklist that serves as a “Best Practices” check-list to help you understand our specifications. Once you’ve read this checklist, complete the submission form.

STEP 1 : Ensure your music is original and doesn't have third party material

Before you begin doing any submission, it is important that you know that we can only accept original video content and thus, your video can’t contain third-party content that you do not own. Here are the basic requirements to distribute your video

- Must contain 100% original material (audio and visual).Must be professionally produced or have some production quality.

- Only officially produced music videos accepted (album art, track, lyric videos* are not accepted by all partners )

- Cannot contain full frontal nudity, explicit drug use or graphic violence.

- Cannot contain the release cover artwork.

- Your video cannot exceed 10 minutes.

- No logo or MTV style credits in the corners of the video

*Lyric music videos with lyrics stylized into a produced video are accepted. Other lyric videos that fall under the following styles: karaoke, static text over graphics or stock elements or just have the lyrics on the lower third of the video will be rejected.

In terms of the content of your music video, there are some DON’Ts as well. Please read this important list of items to not include in your music video.

-All videos need to only show the music video itself with no on screen distractions

-NO URLs, hashtags, social handles, dates, shoutouts or other promotional text on screen.-

-NO burn in logos in corners of screens throughout the video.

-NO front / ending slates, title or end cards in video (white text on black screen).

-NO MTV style credits in corner of video.

-NO still image or blank screen in video, videos need to have active pixels.

-End credits can’t be longer than 3 seconds TOTAL.

STEP 2 : Properly encode your video and audio with these specifications

The next step is to properly encode your video and audio for distribution to VEVO. This is one of the most important steps so please take a moment to read through all and, if all of the below is complicated or if you need any assistance terms of your own encoding efforts, feel free to contact us.

The higher the quality your submission the higher the quality the encode delivered to VEVO. If your music video doesn’t meet all minimum specs, it will be delayed for delivery until the video is corrected. Please make sure your video meets guideline before moving forward.


Format: AAC

Channels: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44.100 KHZ

Bit Rate: 320 kbps CBR


Compression Type: ProRes – Preferred for HD or H.264 – Also Acceptable

File Format: .mov (ProRes) or .mp4 (H.264)

Dimensions: At least 1280×720 (1920×1080 Preferred for HD)

Frame Rate: Native (No less than 23.98 FPS)

Bit Rate: Unrestricted (at least 150 mb/s is Preferred for HD, If H.264 at least 50mb/s)

-The video must be de-interlaced and be set up for multi-pass encoding

-NO frame re-ordering in your encoding settings

-The size of your video will be a large file due to the recommended bit rate and video format (H.264/ProRes).

-Please export all encodes using Compressor or Quicktime.

STEP 3 : Prep your delivery (Filename and Image Assets)

For VEVO and other partners, they do require some image assets and additional information in order to properly complete a profile for the artist that is featured on the music video. In addition, it is important that you also label your filename correctly to avoid delays.

File Labeling (Your file must be labeled as per below)


No spaces and/or special characters allowed (: ! # , @ $ % ? “ ‘)

Only English and Numbers Language alphabet

(No other languages with accent marks or unique characters to be listed for the file name wise ie. Russian, Asian, or Arabic letters

PR Photo and Banner submission

Your PR photo and banner image must be formatted as follows.

Artist PR photo (it cannot be a logo or graphic, at least 2400px x 2400px at 72dpi, centered and some space from the edges ). VEVO will use this photo for your artist profile on all VEVO platforms.

Artist Banner Image/Graphic: 2560 x 1440 px or 2560 x 423 px is recommended for a new YouTube Vevo channel in this size.


To deliver your music video you first need to use a program to deliver your music video to us. You can use:, Drop Box, Onedrive or Google Drive. Zip your content and send to us.

Important: This service is Free for members who distribute their albums with us. Please contact us at

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