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Neighboring Rights/Publishing Administration

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Digital royalties are fees that service providers such as Pandora, SiriusXM and webcasters are required by law to pay for streaming musical content.

If your music is being distributed, performed worldwide, and you don’t have a publishing deal, your royalties are sitting in collection societies around the world waiting to be claimed by you. The problem is that in order to collect these royalties, you need direct relationships with each society in each territory.

We can collect those royalties for you.

These royalties are paid by the services to Ministry of Musics, and accompanied with playlists of all the recordings played by the service provider.

If you are an artist or a sound recording copyright owner, you may have royalty payments waiting for you.

Registering your music is free, easy and fast.

80 percent of performance royalties are paid directly to you, and 20 percent are paid to us.

Important: This service is Free for members who distribute their albums with us. Please contact us at

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