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Music Licensing

9 €



Get your music represented by a trusted worldwide sync agent. Retain 80% of your publishing and master rights, whilst we help you earn sync licensing revenue.

Sync licensing is when you get your music placed to media such as a TV shows, video games, films, trailers, interactive media and even theatre. Getting a sync licensing placement can come with huge exposure, as well as high sync license fees and performance royalties.

Working with the right sync agent gives you representation, their knowledge and access to trusted relationships with music supervisors, broadcasters and creative agencies.

We help get the best deal possible for each sync license.

Keep 80% of the music license fees.

We work closely with clients, broadcasters, filmmakers & music supervisors across Europe, USA, Asia and the rest of the world.

We do the heavy lifting, including complex sync licensing paperwork and clearance, whilst you stay creative.

Important: This service is Free for members who distribute their albums with us. Please contact us at

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